« We know that the positive development of our business must be accompanied by care and respect for the environment and people. »

Discover our sustainability policy

At Surcos, we work to make a positive contribution to the agri-food chain by developing solutions that reduce environmental impact and increase productivity.

We understand that the positive development of our industry must go hand in hand with the care and respect for the environment and people. For this reason, the implementation of Surcos' Sustainability Policy is a fundamental milestone that reflects our commitment to managing the most relevant issues in terms of business, people, and the environment.

Values, Ethics, and Transparency

The sustainable management of our business is based on our values of commitment, teamwork, responsibility, trust, and professionalism. At Surcos, we have a strict commitment to ethics in all our actions and strive to establish transparent business conduct. Along with the guidelines set forth in our Code of Ethics, these values guide our actions and the relationships we establish throughout the value chain and with all our stakeholders.


We provide innovative solutions for the protection and nutrition of agricultural crops, addressing the needs of farmers and working together with our value chain to promote sustainable agriculture.
Accelerating innovation in sustainable agriculture

Innovation is essential for developing sustainable agricultural production systems that can feed a growing population while protecting the environment. At Surcos, we are committed to designing products for plant health and nutrition that are more efficient and have a lower environmental impact. Through nanotechnology, the development of biological products, and constant innovation in solutions for regenerative agriculture, we seek to address the challenges of productive and natural ecosystems.

Addressing the needs of farmers

Farmers operate in a changing context of climate, regulatory, and market conditions, responding to demands from various stakeholders to make their practices increasingly efficient. At Surcos, we are committed to addressing and understanding the needs of farmers and proactively working to offer the best solutions tailored to their production systems. Through our products and services, we aim to contribute to the development of more sustainable agricultural practices that meet market requirements and trends in the food systems, from the field to the grocery store.

Sustainable sourcing and supplier development

Suppliers are a crucial link in the development of quality products. At Surcos, we understand the need to work towards integrating sustainability and responsibility throughout the value chain. Therefore, we strive to promote continuous improvement in compliance with social and environmental guidelines, driving a positive impact throughout our production ecosystem.

Development of People

We promote the well-being and development of people. We foster a workplace where fair treatment is guaranteed, diversity is promoted, and contribution to local communities is valued.
Product and Operations Safety and Responsibility

Safety and responsibility in the production, distribution, and use of products are critical issues for the chemical industry. At Surcos, we commit to developing our operations and products following the highest standards for handling chemical substances at every stage of our value chain. In doing so, we aim to prevent any incidents that may endanger the environment and people.

Health and Safety at Work

The health and safety of our employees are fundamental priorities at Surcos. We commit to creating a work environment where the health and safety of all personnel are guaranteed. Through training and the development of a culture that promotes a safe and healthy work environment, we seek to contribute to people's quality of life.

Fair Treatment, Diversity, and People Development

The development of diverse work environments, where all individuals are treated with respect, their experience is valued, and growth is promoted without any discrimination, is essential for creating equal opportunities and enriching teams. At Surcos, we commit to respecting universal human and labor rights and creating professional spaces that are equitable and based on mutual respect.

Contributing to the development of local communities

Creating economic and social value while caring for the environment contributes to the progress of communities alongside the company. At Surcos, we are committed to promoting the development of local communities where we operate through initiatives that drive their growth and collaborative efforts to improve people's quality of life.

Environmental Care

Our vision regarding the environment is based on a management approach that goes beyond damage prevention and health protection. We implement innovative strategies aimed at protecting the environment and minimizing environmental impacts during the formulation, production, storage, and application of our products. These principles constitute a strategic priority, both in production and commercial matters, based on the commitment of each member of the organization, as well as our partners and suppliers.
Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

Climate change is a key phenomenon in sustainable development. Extreme weather conditions threaten crop productivity and require us to take actions to mitigate the negative impacts of our activities. For this reason, we are committed to efficient use of energy, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and developing strategies to identify, quantify, monitor, and report our emissions at all levels of the organization.

Water Conservation

Water is a fundamental resource for life on the planet. Ensuring its availability and preserving the health of aquatic ecosystems is currently one of the main environmental challenges. At Surcos, we are committed to rational and efficient water consumption in our operations, implementing control and monitoring strategies to minimize adverse impacts and enhance positive ones. We work on the development of technologies and processes for water reuse and sanitation, as well as preserving water sources.

Soil Health and Biodiversity

Soil health and the preservation of biodiversity are critical environmental aspects that directly impact the development of efficient agricultural activities and form the basis of a sustainable agri-food system. At Surcos, we understand that minimizing the impacts associated with biodiversity loss and land degradation are the most important challenges facing the food industry. We are committed to directing our efforts towards developing solutions that contribute to reducing the impact on ecosystems, ensuring good management practices at all levels of our organization, and promoting awareness and initiatives for regenerative agriculture practices.

Waste Management

Waste management is a fundamental strategy in the implementation of plans and programs aimed at pollution prevention and environmental preservation. At Surcos, we assume the responsibility and commitment to minimize the generation of solid and liquid waste, increase material reuse, and develop methodologies for waste and effluent sorting, conditioning, treatment, transportation, and final disposal. We also commit to exploring circular business models at each stage of the life cycle of our products and fostering collaboration with our strategic partners.

Environmental Impact

Our purpose is clear: the development of formulation technologies that minimize our environmental footprint and optimize the performance of phytosanitary applications.

Solutions to Producers` Challenges

The incompatibility between products is one of the major issues that leads to the formation of crystals and sediment in the solution, preventing the proper application of phytosanitary products.

Our innovative formulations address these problems by:

  • Increasing efficiency, preventing product inactivation and sediment formation.
  • Allowing tank mixing of different products.
  • Ensuring good performance even in hard water conditions.

Our products reduce environmental impact by up to 50%

Nanoactive technology reduces the particle size of the active ingredients, resulting in greater diffusion capacity and a larger specific surface area for contact.

  • They reduce environmental impact while maintaining the same control efficacy.
  • They have the lowest volatility and drift in the market, avoiding phytotoxicity in neighboring crops.
  • They substitute petroleum-derived solvents with a combination of vegetable oils and water.

Environmental Impact Indicators

Environmental impact indicators measure toxicity, leaching potential, average lifespan in soil and plants, and effects on applicators and consumers, among other parameters.
The use of these indicators allows you to select herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that have the best environmental performance. Not all products are the same.
Having access to this information is valuable for planning crop controls in the most sustainable way.

We present access to two of the most widely used environmental impact indicators:

  • PRORIPEST developed by the Cerealiculture Chair of the Faculty of Agronomy at the University of Buenos Aires.
  • EIQ (Environmental Impact Quotient) from Cornell University, United States.

Don't hesitate to start using them! These tools provide information to help you make your production decisions in the most sustainable way.