About us



We are a company providing innovative solutions of plant protection and nutrition for agricultural crops. We are an undisputed world leader in formulations with nanotechnology.

Thanks to this technology developed in Argentina, our products are manufactured with fewer active ingredients and a lower environmental impact.

Surcos, an Argentine company with national capitals, develops, produces and markets agricultural inputs with the highest quality standards. Its identity is based on the close knowledge of producer needs to offer the best solutions to the challenges faced in agricultural campaigns.


We believe that sustainable agriculture is possible, wich is environmentally friendly, highly productive, wich can deliver abundant, and affordable food.


To fulfil our vision, we design products for plant health and nutrition, which are greener, more efficient, affordable and sustainable, to increase productivity of each crop.


Commitment. Teamwork. Responsibility. Reliability. Professionalism.


As a responsible actor in the different communities where it conducts business, Surcos understands its duty to commit to sustainable initiatives in economic, social and environmental terms. Safety and responsibility in its products and operations, fair treatment to its employees and collaboration with the community are the main priorities that give meaning to its SUSTAINABLE NETWORK programs.


Surcos has 14 own warehouses and a network of 10 distribution centres strategically located in the Argentine territory to supply its entire commercial network. Its products are also present in the markets of Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Colombia, by means of offices or commercial representatives. Its line of phytosanitary products is manufactured out in its two own industrial plants, equipped with state-of-the-art chemical laboratories that are prepared to meet the high quality standards required by health authorities. The two production plants bring together about 100 collaborators in the Operations, Laboratories and Administration sectors, and they supply both the local market and the countries of the region.

Chimagro Plant

Located in Florencio Varela, province of Buenos Aires, it produces high specification and technology phytosanitary solutions.

Recreo Plant

Located in Recreo, province of Santa Fe, in the middle of the productive area, it manufactures volume phytosanitary products, to achieve a rapid supply to its customers.