Nanotechnology applied to phytosanitary products

Surcos is the undisputed leader in the development and use of nanotechnology in the formulation of new insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. This represents an innovation that is generating multiple benefits.

Nanotechnology aims to respond to the precepts of current technology in agrochemical formulations, in terms of minimizing the use of petroleum-derived solvents; improving the efficiency of active ingredients from the formula (not by dose), and achieving better compatibility in tank mixes.

Besides, nanotechnology is a future technique that helps the environment, since it allows reducing doses, providing safety for applicators and an efficient and profitable alternative for farmers in the management of pests with traditional products. Furthermore, nanotechnology can be applied differently in most phytosanitary products.

Benefits of Nanotechnology

Greater efficacy of active ingredients

It allows to reduce the size of particles containing active ingredients and, consequently, to achieve greater diffusion capacity and larger specific contact surface.

The specific surfactants contained in formulations protect active ingredients and reduce physical losses that occur during application. As a consequence, this generates greater Bioavailability and Bio-efficacy.

Lower volatility and drift

The significant amount of surfactants in the formula generates lower stream pressure of the product in aqueous solution and more weight of drops.

Greater protection of the environment

It applies less amount of active ingredient (a.i.) per hectare. It also replaces petroleum-derived solvents (toxic) with plant-based oils.

More advantages for the applicator

It presents more advantages since it does not contain petroleum-derived solvents (toxics), it has low odour, and products are highly compatible in tank mixes.

Greater economic benefit

It reduces costs per dose.

Nanoactive technology.

Nanotechnology in insecticides.

Nanoactive is the formulation technology developed by Surcos for insecticides. It represents a significant advance in the use of active ingredients and, as a result, provides an effective and superior solution in the control of agricultural pests.

Thanks to Nanoactive it is possible to obtain substantial benefits: using fewer amounts of active ingredients per hectare and getting a higher level of bioavailability and bioefficacy in insecticide products.

Nanotechnology specializes in the compression and control of matter, in dimensions from 1 to 100 nanometers, where unique chemical and physical properties are presented, which allow the development of new applications, including the agricultural industry. Thus, nanotechnology provides answers to the current precepts of technology in agrochemical formulations: it increases efficiency and effectiveness of active ingredients, avoids the use of organic solvents derived from petroleum by substituting them for plant oils, and obtains products that are compatible with each other to make tank mixes.

Nanoactive technology applied to insecticides offers comparative advantages over traditional formulations, such as emulsifiable concentrates (E.C.), among which the most stable controls under conditions of climatic stress, greater safety in terms of transport and handling, low levels of odour due to its low concentration and reduced phytotoxicity stand out.

With Nanoactive, Surcos seeks to improve efficiency of phytosanitary products for the benefit of the agricultural producer, obtaining excellent control with low levels of active ingredient, reducing costs and environmental impact, and, consequently, improving profitability.

Elite technology.

Herbicide innovation.

Elite technology is the new development of Surcos to formulate herbicides. It represents an innovative and unique concept in the phytosanitary market. Its particular mode of formulation allows obtaining maximum levels of results, even with a lower dose of active ingredient per hectare.

From a novel combination of the active ingredient with specific coadjuvants and technologically superior production processes, Elite synthesizes a unique alternative in the market. Its smaller size particles, enhanced with the components of the formula, help to achieve better filed results in terms of penetration, systemic processes and control speed.

The new Elite technology favours the penetration, translocation and systemic processes of herbicides, and significantly increases the bioavailability and bioefficacy of the product, as compared to traditional formulations.

Among its multiple advantages, Elite herbicides are especially recommended for hard water problems, since their action is not inhibited by the presence of salts or organic matter. In turn, Elite provides higher adherence rates of drops on the foliar mass, avoids washing away by rain due to its rapid absorption, accelerates the translocation of the active ingredient and reduces evaporation of the sprayed product.