It was 1974 when, in the town of Avellaneda, in the north of Santa Fe Province, the Calvo family started the business under the company name of CIAGRO. From the very beginning, this distributor of veterinary and agricultural products changed the way of marketing and advising producers in the region. It was no longer a matter of sitting at desks, but of going out to personally visit them. Gate after gate, with trucks stocked with the necessary products, they steadily introduced all the improvements that the agricultural input supplier industry was developing. Success was almost immediate for this service that was breaking the usual moulds and that drove them to take the second step: expanding to other regions, by opening new branches. Again, there was a great acceptance from producers who were receiving the new service. That is how the company became the number 1 distributor in Argentina. Years later, they began with the manufacture of post-patent phytosanitary products.

First steps

Year 2008 arrived and, on the basis of CIAGRO legacy, Carlos Calvo launched SURCOS. The company intends to continue with the tradition of incorporating changes and innovations, but, this time, in a faster and totally disruptive way.

A transformation process towards a professional organization began, with a highly qualified staff structure, the implementation of the SAP management system and the standardization of circuits and processes integrated into the business.

In 2012, Sebastián Calvo assumed the head role at Surcos and leaded some key innovations. New lines of research and improvements in processes enabled a successful growth, with few precedents in the national phytosanitary product industry.

Apart from the rest and against the opinion of many industry players, Surcos develops nanotechnology in its formulations for phytosanitary products. Soon after, the first Nano product arrives: Microactive, an insecticide with substantial benefits.

In 2013, the Elite Line, nanotechnology applied to herbicides, was launched in the Argentinian market. Starting from a new combination of the active ingredient with specific coadjuvants and technologically superior production processes, the Elite technology became a unique alternative in the market. Its smaller size particles, enhanced with the components of the formula, help to achieve better field results in terms of penetration and control speed.

By 2020, there were already more than 40 million hectares treated with the Dedalo Elite herbicide.

Nowadays, the management of Surcos is committed to a process of expansion and constant innovation in the manufacture of phytosanitary products.

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