Surcos, a leading company in the formulation of inputs and in nanotechnology applied to agriculture, has gained a strong presence in the countries of the region.

Currently, a wide range of our cutting edge products and solutions reach farmers in Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia.

Over the last years, distribution and marketing operations grew exponentially, ensuring the possibility of being a safe alternative for the different production issues.

Surcos Uruguay

We have an extensive range of products aimed at solving problems of the various crops in the country, developing more sustainable formulations and with greater bioefficacy for the control of weeds, insects and diseases.

Thanks to its strong network of distributors, established throughout the territory, Surcos Uruguay develops an efficient operation, providing products to its clients in due time and proper form.

Office address Rincón 468 Piso 3
Montevideo. Uruguay
Tel: (+598) 29166302
Herbicides Insecticides Fungicides
Acetoclor 90 Surcos Centron Arbus
Cowboy Elite Clorpi Manzeb 80 SF
Dedalo Elite Lucifer 5 Tebuconazole Surcos 43%
Eskoba Amonio SFMicroactiveAcento Titanium
Eskoba Full IINanofos
Eskoba Max SFNero
Indigo EliteSistemis Surcos 35 SC
Orcuss EliteZenith
PotasoMectina Forte
Apofis Elite
Quinclorac 75

Surcos Paraguay

The application of nanotechnology in our formulations also reaches the thriving Paraguayan agriculture.

The professional work of our distributors allows Elite and Nanoactive technologies to be present in all productive regions of the country. Thus, we can offer a wide range of our products and solutions.

Office address Bruselas 2321 C/Nicanor Torales – Barrio Ykua Sati.
Asunción. Paraguay.
Tel: (+595) 985 285005
Herbicides Insecticides Fungicides
Apofis EliteMectina ForteAcento
Dedalo EliteNanofosArbus
Eskoba AmonioNero
Eskoba EliteOvalo
Eskoba FullProfit
Eskoba MaxZenith
Maizal WG
Cowboy Elite
Orcuss Elite
Gramini Elite

Surcos Bolivia

The benefits of nanotechnology were also verified by Bolivian producers. Surcos offers an efficient and sustainable alternative for the crops established throughout the country.

Thanks to the experience of our technical teams in crop protection and the constant development of new formulations that adapt to each situation, Surcos aims to become a leader in the phytosanitary products market.

Office address Calle F Este, 360, Equipetrol Norte.
Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia.
Tel: (+591 )78456193 ; (+591 ) 78456193
Herbicides Insecticides Fungicides
Cowboy EliteCentronDuozole SF FS
Dedalo EliteMectina Forte
Indigo EliteNanofos

Surcos Colombia

As a company of innovation, development and commercialization of crop protection products, we offer solutions to the problems of Colombian agriculture.

The diversity of crops established throughout the country encourages us in the search for new tools and formulations aimed at increasing productivity in each region.

In Colombia, we have a wide product portfolio for the control of weeds, pathogens and insects, thus providing full protection of the production system.

Office address Carrera 16A N° 76 - 89 Oficina 504.
Tel: (091) 755 7161
Herbicides Insecticides Fungicides
Bald ECEssent ECBrinnk WP
Dedalo SLLabelKazaam EC
Eskoba Amonio SLLibrekPrufen SL
Eskoba SLNero Surcos SCPummin SL
MagentaRecord 350 SCRichtik SC
Starbac ECRestar SCStarof WP
Sofort EC